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Saturday, May 22, 2021 @ 9am PDT


On May 22, 2021 We Honored These 6 Amazing Women!
Hosted by Theresa Goss “TGo” with special presenters:
Jennifer Hammod and Cinnamon Alvarez

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The Women of NOW

"Business Women Are Changing. We Build Digital Empires. We Make Money From Our Phones. We Change The World With WIFI." ~ Unknown

Hosted by Theresa Goss "TGo" 

With Special Guest Speakers:
Cinnamon Alvarez & Jennifer Hammond

Cinnamon Alvarez

Theresa Goss

Jennifer Hammond

These Amazing Honorees Have Helped Thousands of People Succeed... 

Look Who Was Honored

Rising Star
Cindy Van Arnam
Tired of the old and archaic systems that no longer support us, Cindy is passionate about helping emerging entrepreneurs fully discover their own limitless power so they can create sustainable wealth through their passion and service to their higher purpose. Combining her strategic business savvy with Quantum Numerology and Universal Laws, Cindy teaches healers and changemakers the tools they need to first and foremost, master themselves. This gives them the ability to create a solid foundation for their business that will stand the test of time, even in a rapidly changing world. 
Emily D. Baker, Esq.
Emily D. Baker is The Badass Lawyer & host of the popular Get Legit Law & Shit podcast. Emily is a legal commentary and consultant who breaks down the law & shit behind the stories you want to talk about, from news to pop culture Emily breaks it down with compassion, humor and of BS. With over 15 years of legal experience and over 10 years as a Deputy District Attorney Emily knows some shit.   After serving as a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles for ten years, and getting ever so slightly burnt out (please note sarcasm), Emily left her career behind to pursue the glittery badassery that’s all her own. She has run a multi seven-figure brick and mortar business with her husband for 15 years before selling the company. She runs on coffee and curse words, loves DMX & DMB, and spends a bit too much time on YouTube.
Lillian McMorris
Retired media personality and producer. McMorris is the former KVVU TV FOX5 Public Affairs Director and Producer/Host of AM Southern Nevada, the longest running Public Affairs Television Show in the State of Nevada. Additionally, she reported on Community Events for FOX5 News. For nine years she worked within the community as KVVU TV FOX5’s ambassador building the FOX5 franchise of being the station for ‘Community Service’. She is considered a “Social Architect”, bringing people, needs, solutions and information together as one.
Women of the Year
Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker, Peggy is a seasoned veteran in changing lives; For the past 25+ years, using her Power Life Script™ process — along with her unique intimate understanding of the Universal Laws - she has been showing people from around the globe how to manifest any result they desire in their personal and professional lives, from perfect health, dream homes and soulmates to Best-Selling books and multi-million-dollar businesses.
She has worked with – and been endorsed by – some of the most renowned experts in the personal development field including Bob Proctor, Neale Donald Walsch, Jim Rohn, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen, Debbie Ford, and many others.
Rhino Julie
I know, it seems funny that I go by Rhino. But it makes sense when you hear the story.
I own the Camp Rhino Gyms in Las Vegas, Nevada. I started them in 2004 with an outdoor obstacle course and fitness classes in the parks. 
I don't really enjoy exercising until it's done and I LOVE FOOD. Gluttony was the one overlooked 'sin' in my family 😆.
I figured if I started a fitness business, I would have to lose weight.
A few years in to running the business, my rhinos (gym members) started calling me Rhino Julie, the Mother of Rhinos, and the name stuck. It's my license plate, my identity, and it's fun haha. 
After 20 years of entrepreneurship and 16 years of owning gyms, I've finally figured out how to lose my weight and keep it off, while maintaining my traveling - foodie - entrepreneur - lifestyle.
Dr. Sonja Stribling
Dr. Sonja Stribling is the Founder of the Born to Be Powerful Academy, a company that empowers the masses to not just Win but Dominate ! Dr. Sonja is a Transformation Specialist, Influence Expert known as the General to Giants and Best-Selling Author of The Divorce That Saved My Life. This 21-year Army Retired Major, recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, National Speaker for the Think & Grow Rich- The Legacy World Tour, and former TV Host on Bravo Network, who now uses this training and experience to lead thousands to their victory by using their inner POWER to ascend to their Next Level in life and business.
When Women Are Taking The Lead...
"The yearly growth of women in business has been 4.2% in the last 12 years.

Women own four out of ten businesses in the US. Faster than women-owned businesses is the growing number of companies owned by women of color. An average rate of growth has been 163% in the last 45 years"


Check Out The Guest Speakers...

Jennifer Hammond
Vice President, TTR Sotheby's International Realty
10+ Years As SiriusXM Radio Talk Show Host, Author, Speaker And Real Estate Investor, Podcast Host Of JENNIFER J HAMMOND PODCAST
Jennifer J Hammond is a high energy and versatile woman who not only serves as a real estate executive; and spent over ten years as a satellite radio talk show host, a best-selling author, and is a member of The Happiness Hall of Fame! In addition, she is a very successful Real Estate Investor and teacher. As a Vice President at TTR Sotheby’s International Realty - one of the country’s leading luxury real estate companies - she has helped hundreds of clients attain their dreams in real estate for over 23+ years, has helped make the world a better place by educating, inspiring and empowering people by hosting The Jennifer Hammond Show on SiriusXM for over 10 years, and has aided thousands of veterans and their families in finding the help they need through her best-selling book “101+ Resources for Veterans”. Currently, she is the host of the JENNIFER J HAMMOND PODCAST! She is famous for her YAY! happy attitude! 
Cinnamon Alvarez
Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Speaker and the Author of the Best-Selling Book Generating Your Own Happiness
As the multi-talented entrepreneur behind the artisanal lighting manufacturer A19, Cinnamon uses her design skills to create ceramic lighting fixtures that complement modern decor. Cinnamon has also founded an art gallery, run a fitness franchise, and served on a nonprofit’s board of directors. Cinnamon brings energy, vision, and the business acumen gained from two decades of business ownership to all her projects, the latest of which is a wellness enterprise that supports others in accomplishing their wildest dreams. Cinnamon also volunteers for SCORE, serves on the San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board, and is happily married to her best friend.

Meet The NOW Honors Host

The 2021 NOW Honors was proudly hosted by Theresa Goss "TGo"

CEO & Executive Producer - MelRose 11, LLC

TGo helps Action Takers Bootstrap their way to Freedom from their 9 to 5 Quickly. She’s a Proud US Navy Veteran who’s “earned” a PhD. from the Entrepreneurial School of Hard Knocks. Winner of the ATHENA International TV & Producer Award and Inducted into the Nevada Women’s Hall of Fame for Entertainment & Media. She started her first business at the age of 10, bootstrapped multiple 6 and 7 figure projects on less than "Shoestring Budgets” and in 2005 Published the world's first all digital-interactive magazine for African Americans; "BIM" Black Insight Magazine.
Public Speaker, Executive Producer and now National Talk Show Host with more than 2 Million TV monthly viewers and counting TGo is truly Fueled by Passion, Powered beyond Fear: Letting nothing block her path to Success!
2021 NOW Honors
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